Alexis Thompson is a writer, editor and curator based in Oxford. He has led poetry walks in London on the Modernists for the International Times and New River Press, curated and read in London and Edinburgh. In 2020, he graduated from Kellogg College, Oxford University, with an MSt (Merit) in Creative Writing. He has published in MONK and the New River Press.

Editor of the Blackwell's Poetry series, he also edits the OSP Review and having completed his first novel, A Pit of Clay  (currently on submission) is now working on crime fiction and a poetry collection. In 2023, he curated and organised The Woodstock Poetry Festival.

Jeremy Irons Interview, Wootton Talks, January 2024

  Last year, I was very lucky to have been asked by Blackwell’s to edit and publish a poetry pamphlet to celebrate the company’s 140th. Now I can proudly present Blackwell’s Poetry no.1, featuring the work of Ishion Hutchinson, Damian le Bas, Catherine Coldstream, MacGillivray, Chris McCabe, Mbizo Chirasha, Niall McDevitt, Toby Martinez de la Rivas, Geraldine Monk and Sherwin Bitsui. This marks the first time Blackwell’s has done anything like this since Basil Blackwell published W.H. Auden, Stephen Spender and J.R.R. Tolkien’s early collections.  

THE DELUGE, published by monk.gallery

LET STRAY DOGS HOWL, published by monk.gallery

Journey into The Vortex   7/8 April 18


Underground City no. 2

Monday 31st October

 Underground City no.1

Wednesday 28th September